It is never easy when a loved one passes along and leaves behind grieving family members. This is why during a celebration of life it is important to play the right songs at the right time. As a San Diego DJ I strive  to play songs that stroke the guests emotions and make them take that journey down memory lane. Utilizing “Neural Impulse DJ’ing”, A term that I coined in 2011. For an event like this the concept and strategy of Neural Impulse DJ’ing is very important. Playing those songs that mean something to the listeners. The songs that connect the listener to the loved one whom has passed. The specific sounds that take them to a single moment in time when they interacted with the loved one.


Celebration of life playlists


A person once shared a story with me how his grandmother would get up early every Saturday morning and do yard work. But it would start with her putting on the old 33 albums of Mahalia Jackson and Andre Crouch, the gospel artists. The way he described the emotions that he experienced at the time were anxious and knowing that soon his name would be called from downstairs to rise and shine and come help with the yard work. He said that he knew that once he got up and finished helping his grandmother then he could get to watch Saturday morning cartoons and then head out to play basketball with his friends. At his grandmothers celebration of life those artists were played. The emotions were so overwhelming and he struggled to hold back the tears but couldn’t! On the first note of “Just a closer walk with thee’ it took him back to that moment and all of the little details about that day became crystal clear. Like how the sunshine came through his sheer curtains as the sun rose. The singing of the birds. The smell of his freshly washed sheets with the distinct smell of Tide laundry detergent. Then the sound of the weed whacker turning on. THAT actually was the sound that would make him get out of bed faster because he knew if he wasn’t down there helping within minutes of the weed whacker coming on he would be in some trouble.


Personalized Flash drives with your loved ones playlist


My job as a professional DJ is to extract that information then once I know what the important songs are, play them at a certain time. What the person is doing at the point in time that I play the song is very important to the level of emotions that the listener will experience. it’s a true fact that timing is everything when it comes to playing music for people.


But first we have to understand what a Celebration of Life is. A Celebration of Life is a ceremony that is typically held in lieu of a traditional funeral or memorial service. What sets these services apart is the level of personalization and tone. A Celebration of Life is not a somber affair. Instead, we find lots of laughter and storytelling. The focus is not on the death of the person, but on the joy that the person brought to others. But it can stand alone as well as be incorporated as a component of a more traditional service. ~


Specially made Flash Drives for your celebration of life


10-12-2018 I provided my services for a Celebration of Life. A very sweet lady according to all of her friends and family. A beautiful lady that loves to cook and dress up. The music that I played zero’d in like a laser beam on her specific likes and tastes in music. I played mostly feel good songs that made people feel happy and uplifted. Here is just a few of what I played;

 Patsy Cline – Crazy

 Ray Charlse – What’d I Say

 Doris day – Fly Me to the moon

 Elvis Presley – That’s Alright

 The Sound of music

 Tony Bennet – Put On a happy face

 Frank Sinatra – My Way

 Neil Diamond – Sweet Caroline

 The Carpenters – Top Of The World

 We make personalized Flash drives with your deceased love ones favorite playlist. Contact us for more information 619-246-2325