I was truly honored to be a part of the District Nights, The Hidden Beach Experience in Beverly Hills Ca. July 29th. I felt I was along side music greatness from Mike Phillips to Angie Fisher, the newest signed to Hidden Beach label. Angie performed her song I.R.S. that was written and produced by Producer, songwriter B. Slade. He actually performed the song with her. I thought Angie did a phenomenal job but when B. Slade joined her on stage to assist with performing his own song I was blown away. The guys vocal range is ridiculous! After being a part of the experience I learned that the driving inspiration behind the direction of the music, especially the Unwrapped series is Mike Phillips. He is an amazing musician! True talent. The real deal saxophonist AND rapper! He would jump from song to song on his saxophone weaved with the lyrics from old school tracks from Das fx, tribe called quest, 2 pac and biggie. The Unwrapped band was incredible too. The band that brought you those jazz covers of hip hop tracks like Mr. Officer, One more drink and flashing lights. Mike Phillips broke out with a vocoder at a point in the night and sounded like Roger Troutman. I’m glad I got the opportunity to witness the talent. District Nights, The Hidden Beach Experience.