A wet wedding. I had such a blast at Paul and Brielles country chic wedding reception. They planned a beautiful out door wedding with a simplistic but elegant feel. I could tell that a lot of thought went into the details of the reception. During the planning process when I was speaking with the bride about the flow and music, she had already had everything planned out. I’m big on helping my clients have the day that they dream about or recreating their vision with music so I didn’t suggest too many changes. Only the ones that would help the couple optimize there time.

Leading up to the wedding, up to the day before, the weather was absolutely beautiful! The day of the wedding I wake up and looked out of the window and it’s over-cast and looking like it’s going to rain. I’m thinking “no way!”. Out of nowhere it starts pouring! My first thought is “I hope it clears up before the wedding”. The rain came down for hours. As I have done many weddings where it has rained however the weddings never ended or were cancelled. In fact as weird as it may sound when it rains at a wedding that tends to bring people closer and rally around the couple. Even though the couple weren’t Italian, rain during a wedding in there culture means good luck. The reception site was soaked. Miraculously 15 minutes before the reception was to begin it stopped raining. As people dried off the table and chairs and started putting the table dressing and centerpieces out it started coming together. It started looking beautiful!

Everything continued as planned with the formal dances. Dinner service went on without a hitch. Then dancing starts. It’s always tricky to get people to dance on a wet dance floor. The bride had asked me to teach some line dances so I thought that would be the best time to do it. I taught the Hustle, the Gervais dance (the couples last name), cupid shuffle and cha cha slide. I even sprung a new one on them “the Whip, watch me” that I’m sure no one knew except the guests 14 year olds and under. During these dances it starts to rain again! Everyone stayed on the dance floor for these dances. A FULL dance floor in the rain!! How ridiculously cool is that?? THAT is what you call cool friends and family.

The moral of my story is that in adversity at a wedding the guests always come through for the bride and groom. This wedding reception was beautiful. The guests were amazing and the bride and groom were the most adorable couple that I had seen in a long time. I am so honored to be hired by the Gervais family to provide DJ services for their sons celebration. The rain CAN NOT and WILL NOT stop a wedding. A wet wedding